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Delta 2000


The doors have a radial and corner-free frame, with external or hidden hinges and pumps.
Our sanitary profiles are in anodized or pre-coated aluminum. For corner joints between two or more walls we propose instead of the traditional solution, an especially designed system which eliminates steps and/or corners.

Modular Walls:

Delta 2000 walls are made by joining together an aluminum frame and aluminum or mono-decorated melamine laminated plastic curtain panels. Insulation is made of polystyrene, mineral wool or honeycombed aluminum.
Glass walls of thermopan glass having the same thickness of the walls.

False Ceiling:

Delta 2000’s false ceiling have an Omega profile with view of 65 mm in extruded aluminum anodized or pre-coated , the curtain panels are made of bi-decorated melamine laminated plastic, or expanded semi-rigid PVC bi-ennobled chipboard or 7/10 pre-coated aluminum, all of them insulated with polystyrene or plaster board sheets. All material being used are certified as self-extinguishing Class 1.


To complete the products for cleanrooms, we have got the possibility to study produce and realize furniture as cabinets, benches, pass-boxes, etc.

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