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  1. The difference between ‘sieving’ and ‘filtering’ when processing liquids

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    russell finex industrial filter
    Russell Finex’s area of expertise don’t simply cover sieving of powders, but also stretches to a wide range of liquid applications. Russell Finex filter and sieve a vast array of fluids, including water, liquid chocolate, honey, chemicals, inks, paints, and even malt whisky.

    However, when faced with a specific application Russell Finex engineers must decide on the best machine for the job – a Russell industrial filter or a Russell vibratory screener.

    Benefits offered by Russell Finex industrial filters:

    – Fully enclosed system
    – Can operate under pressure – meaning increased throughputs
    – Continuous cleaning of the screen
    – Quieter in operation than a screening machine
    – Robust screens

    Benefits offered by Russell vibratory screeners:

    russell compact sieve

    – Open system, which is sometimes preferred for screen inspection
    – Can handle large volumes of oversize material
    – Low and high speed versions available depending on product viscosity
    – Multi-screen separations can be achieved on one unit
    – Screens can be re-meshed – cost effective

    Both types of unit come in a range of sizes to suit your throughput requirements and can be stripped down without tools for ease of cleaning. Sometimes your specific application could be served equally well by both units, but in most cases your application needs will dictate that one type of unit may have the edge over the other.

    That is where Russell Finex’s 80 years of experience in sieving and filtration comes into play. Put experienced engineers to the test who will help find the right machine for you. With specialized test and research facilities in the UK, US, Belgium and India, you are able to test material and equipment under controlled conditions to provide you complete peace of mind before purchase.

    To quickly find the right machine for you, go to the Machine Selector on Russell Finex’s website.

  2. Customized Russell Finex 22” Vibrating Screen

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    Russell Finex delivers high specification Finex 22” vibrating screen to a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer

    22" vibrating screen Companies working in the pharmaceutical industry require the highest standards of usability, design and performance in all of their processing equipment.  Russell Finex have been working closely with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers for the past 80 years and have continually carried out and implemented extensive research to ensure these high standards are met by their equipment.

    When approached by one of their key pharmaceutical customers for an upgrade to their existing Russell vibratory sieving machine, Russell Finex supplied a customized Finex 22™ vibrating screen to better suit their changing needs. The Finex 22™ is a unique machine which has remained one of the most popular choices in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years, and is ideal for check-screening and grading pharmaceutical powders and pellets.

    For this particular application, a double deck Finex 22™ was supplied fitted with a 1600µ mesh on the top deck and a 800µ mesh on the bottom deck. This allowed the customer to grade small batches of product. The bottom mesh included a scroll frame to ensure a better flow of the material across the entire screening area is achieved. An easy-clean mirror polished magnetic separator was also fitted to the bottom deck to ensure any ferrous contamination is removed before the material progresses further down the process line. The machine was supplied in high quality 316L stainless steel and was fully mirror polished to a documented 0.2-0.6Ra value.

    As this vibrating screen machine needed to be at a certain height to fit in with the existing process line, the sieve was supplied on a stand. However, due to regulations the stand cannot exceed a certain height. Therefore to ensure the machine was of the height requested by the customer, an extended base was also added. An enclosed system was needed to transfer the product from the sieve to the next stage in the process. Therefore the discharge from the outlet was angled downwards and fitted with tri-clamp assembly to enable the material to pass straight to a drum via a flexible connector to the drum. As the machine was to be used within different processing lines, a blanking assembly was also added to the outlet to enable the customer to close the oversize outlet when required. A final modification was the addition of a viewport to enable operators to inspect the material as it is being screened.

    Prior to despatching the machine, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was carried out where the customer visually inspected the machine at the Russell Finex factory. With the FAT passed, a comprehensive Documentation Pack was then issued, which included the full FAT report, mill certification, certificates of conformity and FDA declaration letters to ensure faster validation during commissioning.

    For more information about the product visit the Russel Finex Vibrating Screens page.

  3. Bespoke Sieving and Filtration Systems

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    Leading baking company uses Russell Finex’s expertise to implement customized sieving and filtration solution

    Companies working in the food industry are under strict regulations which means they have to continually review their processes to ensure the high quality of their products. A leading baking company found inefficiencies in their existing food processing method and sought a solution that would fix their problem. Dough based products are usually boiled before being baked. During the process, excess materials such as maize grit, dough and sesame seeds drop into the pre-bake water, causing contamination and affecting the quality of the liquid. Therefore the water tank needed to be cleaned manually and refilled with fresh water, resulting in high labour costs, downtime, and increased consumption. The contaminated water would then be discharged to an effluent plant through pipes. This created further problems as the water containing the excess solids would ferment and expand causing blockages in the pipes connected to the effluent plant.

    Following a recommendation, the company approached Russell Finex for an industrial screening solution. Drawing upon 80 years of experience in separation technology, Russell Finex were able to audit the bakery’s current manufacturing process and provide an efficient high quality solution to minimize contamination of the pre-bake water. This was achieved in two stages. The first stage was to install a fully automated Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® after the water tank to continuously remove contamination and re-circulate the pre-bake water. This self-cleaning industrial filter for liquids recirculates the clean water back into the pre-bake water tank, with any contamination being discharged into the effluent plant.

    customized compact screener and self-cleaning filter system

    The second stage of the separation process focused on eliminating the blockage of pipes caused by the solids fermenting in the pipework. The Russell Compact Sieve® vibratory screener was fitted directly after the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. When the contamination from the water tank is ejected from the industrial filter, it is fed directly into a 400mm diameter vibrating screener where water and debris are separated further. This allowed the bakery to dispose of a large percentage of solids to landfill with the remaining liquid being sent to the effluent plant for treatment prior to final disposal in the drain.

    With the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® and Russell Compact Sieve® installed, the bakery was able to achieve their objectives to improve the efficiencies of their production process, increasing product quality, reducing costs, and increasing overall efficiencies. To find the perfect filtration equipment for your industry try the automatic machine selector on Russell Finex website.