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Manufacturing Equipment


Manufacturing Equipment

Our suppliers that provide manufacturing equipment in the pharmaceutical and confectionery industry.

Manufacturing Equipment


Tablet punches and dies

Multi Tip Tooling

Increasing productivity within modern tablet production is an on-going challenge and we at I Holland are always striving to assist our partners in their quest for increased capacity, therefore we have developed our range of Multiple Tip tablet tooling.
I Holland have been leading the way in the production of multi tip tools for over 25 years; this experience has culminated in today’s impressive array of configuration options to suit many products.

Designer Shaped Tooling

In addition to the standard tablet forms I Holland also manufacture designer shaped tablet punches and dies.

These punches and dies can be used to highlight brand identity, as an anti-counterfeiting measure or for ease of recognition.

Designer shaped punches and dies can also be used to make vitamin supplements more attractive to children (teddy bears, robots, dinosaurs, etc.) or to enhance the appeal of sweets; fruit shapes for flavoured candy for example.

Detergent Tooling

Innovations in modern detergent technology, combined with advanced tablet design allow the compression of dishwashing and laundry powders into a convenient tablet form.

In the tablet making process, these formulations bring with them their own unique challenges such as sticking and abrasion.

Our range of tabletting tools can assist manufacturers to overcome these problems with specially developed designs, steels, treatments and coatings.

Nutraceutical Tooling

Nutraceutical and homeopathic formulations can contain very high mineral content and therefore often exhibit severely abrasive characteristics.
I Holland tooling can help producers of such products overcome these adverse formulations through the use of punches and dies made of specialist steels, treatments and coatings.

IMA Comprima Tooling

I Holland have developed the technology and expertise to manufacture competitively priced round, shaped and multi-tipped IMA Comprima tablet tooling for the full range of IMA Comprima tablet presses so there is no need to wait for OEM supply.
These can be supplied in a range of steels and with specialised coatings and treatments where required.

7-Step PharmaCare® Process

Tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items that can be easily replaced at relatively low cost. Maintenance can be seen as an unnecessary evil and overlooked within tablet manufacturing.
By performing maintenance and keeping the tooling in pristine condition, costly tablet press downtime and compression problems will be reduced.
Correct maintenance is critical in obtaining maximum life from punches and dies. A high percentage of punch and die problems/damage can be conclusively traced back to poor handling and maintenance procedures.
I Holland recommend following a simple 7 step tool care process to help our customers achieve optimum lifetime and performance benefits from our tablet tooling.


GEA Pharma Systems: Collette™

Collette™ single pot processors are known throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries of the world for their engineering excellence and technical innovation.

As well as stand-alone equipment and fully integrated plants, the company offers a complete engineering service from system design to process integration and optimisation. In addition Collette have fully equipped test facilities available for process verification and optimisation.

Also the availability of a fully equipped laboratory, the PDC (Process development Center), for product and feasibility tests, is a major asset for understanding customers’ needs.

Besides pharmaceutical equipment, Collette™ also offers equipment for the food and fine-chemical industry.

GEA Pharma Systems – Aeromatic-Fielder™

Totally Contained – Completely Flexible – Development Granulation Line

The system is aimed at producers of small quantities of highly potent compounds. The intelligent contained handling systems inherent in the GEA Pharma pilot plant allow it to be flexible, efficient, clean and safe without the need for expensive, bulky and difficult to clean isolator systems. Furthermore the level of containment avoids the need for costly and uncomfortable airsuits, allowing the users to focus on the product, creating faster and more secure results.

FlexStream™ Fluid Bed Processing: Granulator, Dryer And Coater In ONE Process Container

The FlexStream™ Fluid Bed Processor:

– Only ONE product container for all unit operations. Fluid Bed Granulator – Fluid Bed Dryer – Fluid Bed Coater, ALL in 1 container
– Only one design/height for all unit operations. Reduced building envelope in both height and footprint
– Built in linear scale up
– Ready for fully contained loading and unloading
– Superior product homogeneity both for LOD and PSD
– Enabling PAT: in-line measurement of particle growth
– Existing Aeromatic-Fielder™ fluid bed processors can be upgraded with FlexStream™ process technology.

PharmaConnect® – Blender, Granulator By Aeromatic-Fielder™

The PharmaConnect® ‘plug and play’ approach enables a number of diverse process modules from GEA Pharma companies to be docked to ONE control module.

The primary processes are based around Aeromatic-Fielder’s PMA™ High Shear Granulator technology, providing the user with the ability to process batches from 100g up to 25kg and over

GEA Pharma Systems – Courtoy™

With 100 years of compression experience, GEA Pharma Systems supplies Courtoy™ Tablet Presses – manual to automatic rotary presses for research, pilot-scale and full production, presses for normal, clean-room, contained and highly contained environments and presses for the production of single and bi-layer tablets.

Courtoy™ ‘R’ Series Rotary Tablet Press

– conventional design
The Courtoy™ R-series rotary tablet presses allow for an extremely short cleaning and format change-over time; dis assembly and re-assembly of all removable parts without the use of tools. All removable parts are designed for easy cleaning and can be cleaned in an automatic washing machine; use of light materials allows fast, easy removal and handling.The isolated compression zone considerably reduces the area to clean. A double set of all removable parts – “Fast Change-Over Kit” enhances this advantage: one set is being cleaned while the other is in use.


series with Exchangeable Turret
Courtoy™ innovative range of rotary tablet presses for the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries. The PERFORMA™ is derived from the well-known MODUL™ machines, with the PERFORMA™ P featuring the novel, exclusive Exchangeable Die Disc (EDD) technology (patent pending). The PERFORMA™ is ideally suited for long campaigns and large batches. Therefore, it is the perfect complement to the MODUL™ presses, which are the choice solution for small batch / frequent product change-over tableting facilities.

High Containment Compression

MODUL™ series: Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) -based Tablet Presses
The Courtoy MODUL™ range perfectly illustrates GEA’s status as the most innovative tablet press manufacturer.

All MODUL™ rotary tablet presses are based on the revolutionary Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept. The ECM is completely isolated from the remainder of the machine, contains all product contact parts and can easily be removed from the press in a contained way. This means that the press itself remains powder-free and requires no cleaning.

GEA Pharma Systems – Lyophil™

Lyophilization | Freeze Drying for aseptic pharmaceutical production and biotech industry

GEA Lyophil supplies a comprehensive range of products and services, comprising laboratory freeze dryers, both pilot scale for R&D and small production batches; industrial freeze dryers; and complete freeze dryer systems. These include Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems (ALUS®); integrated isolators; and CIP-Skids in a complete system with freeze dryer.

Executive Candy

Chewy Candy Process Line

Fully automated chewy-candy continuous process with flexible add-on configuration for gum.

Product Types: solid, liquid filled, powder filled extruded and co-extruded.

Capacity: Upt to 1200 kg/h depending on line configuration.

• High productivity.
• Accurate and consistent process and product automatic control.
• Continuous mass aeration and crystallization technology for high finished product stability and quality.

Toffees And Eclairs Forming Line

Rotary and chain forming technology available, batch roller configuration for high fat content products.
Filling Rates: Above 20%
Capacity: From 300 up to 1400 kg/h depending on line.
Configuration line with or without relaxation belt.

• High efficiency and flexibility.
• Hygienic design.
• Maintenance, cleaning and operation friendly.
• Possibility to have a constant and self-readjustment of the line speed and processing values.

Solid And Filled Gum High Speed Line

Dedicated state-of-the art high performance gum forming line from pre-extruder to cooling tunnel for fully automated operation up to 1600kg/h.
Possibility to integrate co-extrusion technology and all filling options.

Rolling And Scoring Line

12″ R & S line for up to 2000kg/hr with tray sheet stacker or with pellet cooling tunnel.
• Hygienic design.
• Fully accessible for easy and quick maintenance and cleaning.
• Intermediate gum cooling optional.