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Executive Candy

Chewy Candy Process Line

Fully automated chewy-candy continuous process with flexible add-on configuration for gum.

Product Types: solid, liquid filled, powder filled extruded and co-extruded.

Capacity: Upt to 1200 kg/h depending on line configuration.

• High productivity.
• Accurate and consistent process and product automatic control.
• Continuous mass aeration and crystallization technology for high finished product stability and quality.

Toffees and Eclairs Forming Line

Rotary and chain forming technology available, batch roller configuration for high fat content products.
Filling Rates: Above 20%
Capacity: From 300 up to 1400 kg/h depending on line.
Configuration line with or without relaxation belt.

• High efficiency and flexibility.
• Hygienic design.
• Maintenance, cleaning and operation friendly.
• Possibility to have a constant and self-readjustment of the line speed and processing values.

Solid and Filled Gum High Speed Line

Dedicated state-of-the art high performance gum forming line from pre-extruder to cooling tunnel for fully automated operation up to 1600kg/h.
Possibility to integrate co-extrusion technology and all filling options.

Rolling and Scoring Line

12″ R & S line for up to 2000kg/hr with tray sheet stacker or with pellet cooling tunnel.
• Hygienic design.
• Fully accessible for easy and quick maintenance and cleaning.
• Intermediate gum cooling optional.

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