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GEA Pharma Systems – Aeromatic-Fielder™

Totally Contained – Completely Flexible – Development Granulation Line

The system is aimed at producers of small quantities of highly potent compounds. The intelligent contained handling systems inherent in the GEA Pharma pilot plant allow it to be flexible, efficient, clean and safe without the need for expensive, bulky and difficult to clean isolator systems. Furthermore the level of containment avoids the need for costly and uncomfortable airsuits, allowing the users to focus on the product, creating faster and more secure results.

FlexStream™ Fluid Bed Processing: Granulator, Dryer and Coater in ONE process container

The FlexStream™ Fluid Bed Processor:

– Only ONE product container for all unit operations. Fluid Bed Granulator – Fluid Bed Dryer – Fluid Bed Coater, ALL in 1 container
– Only one design/height for all unit operations. Reduced building envelope in both height and footprint
– Built in linear scale up
– Ready for fully contained loading and unloading
– Superior product homogeneity both for LOD and PSD
– Enabling PAT: in-line measurement of particle growth
– Existing Aeromatic-Fielder™ fluid bed processors can be upgraded with FlexStream™ process technology.

PharmaConnect® – blender, granulator by Aeromatic-Fielder™

The PharmaConnect® ‘plug and play’ approach enables a number of diverse process modules from GEA Pharma companies to be docked to ONE control module.

The primary processes are based around Aeromatic-Fielder’s PMA™ High Shear Granulator technology, providing the user with the ability to process batches from 100g up to 25kg and over

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