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GEA Pharma Systems – Courtoy™

With 100 years of compression experience, GEA Pharma Systems supplies Courtoy™ Tablet Presses – manual to automatic rotary presses for research, pilot-scale and full production, presses for normal, clean-room, contained and highly contained environments and presses for the production of single and bi-layer tablets.

Courtoy™ ‘R’ Series rotary tablet press

– conventional design
The Courtoy™ R-series rotary tablet presses allow for an extremely short cleaning and format change-over time; dis assembly and re-assembly of all removable parts without the use of tools. All removable parts are designed for easy cleaning and can be cleaned in an automatic washing machine; use of light materials allows fast, easy removal and handling.The isolated compression zone considerably reduces the area to clean. A double set of all removable parts – “Fast Change-Over Kit” enhances this advantage: one set is being cleaned while the other is in use.


series with Exchangeable Turret
Courtoy™ innovative range of rotary tablet presses for the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries. The PERFORMA™ is derived from the well-known MODUL™ machines, with the PERFORMA™ P featuring the novel, exclusive Exchangeable Die Disc (EDD) technology (patent pending). The PERFORMA™ is ideally suited for long campaigns and large batches. Therefore, it is the perfect complement to the MODUL™ presses, which are the choice solution for small batch / frequent product change-over tableting facilities.

High Containment Compression

MODUL™ series: Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) -based Tablet Presses
The Courtoy MODUL™ range perfectly illustrates GEA’s status as the most innovative tablet press manufacturer.

All MODUL™ rotary tablet presses are based on the revolutionary Exchangeable Compression Module (ECM) concept. The ECM is completely isolated from the remainder of the machine, contains all product contact parts and can easily be removed from the press in a contained way. This means that the press itself remains powder-free and requires no cleaning

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