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Multi Tip Tooling

Increasing productivity within modern tablet production is an on-going challenge and we at I Holland are always striving to assist our partners in their quest for increased capacity, therefore we have developed our range of Multiple Tip tablet tooling.
I Holland have been leading the way in the production of multi tip tools for over 25 years; this experience has culminated in today’s impressive array of configuration options to suit many products.

Designer Shaped Tooling

In addition to the standard tablet forms I Holland also manufacture designer shaped tablet punches and dies.

These punches and dies can be used to highlight brand identity, as an anti-counterfeiting measure or for ease of recognition.

Designer shaped punches and dies can also be used to make vitamin supplements more attractive to children (teddy bears, robots, dinosaurs, etc.) or to enhance the appeal of sweets; fruit shapes for flavoured candy for example.

Detergent Tooling

Innovations in modern detergent technology, combined with advanced tablet design allow the compression of dishwashing and laundry powders into a convenient tablet form.

In the tablet making process, these formulations bring with them their own unique challenges such as sticking and abrasion.

Our range of tabletting tools can assist manufacturers to overcome these problems with specially developed designs, steels, treatments and coatings.

Nutraceutical Tooling

Nutraceutical and homeopathic formulations can contain very high mineral content and therefore often exhibit severely abrasive characteristics.
I Holland tooling can help producers of such products overcome these adverse formulations through the use of punches and dies made of specialist steels, treatments and coatings.

IMA Comprima Tooling

I Holland have developed the technology and expertise to manufacture competitively priced round, shaped and multi-tipped IMA Comprima tablet tooling for the full range of IMA Comprima tablet presses so there is no need to wait for OEM supply.
These can be supplied in a range of steels and with specialised coatings and treatments where required.

7-Step PharmaCare® Process

Tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items that can be easily replaced at relatively low cost. Maintenance can be seen as an unnecessary evil and overlooked within tablet manufacturing.
By performing maintenance and keeping the tooling in pristine condition, costly tablet press downtime and compression problems will be reduced.
Correct maintenance is critical in obtaining maximum life from punches and dies. A high percentage of punch and die problems/damage can be conclusively traced back to poor handling and maintenance procedures.
I Holland recommend following a simple 7 step tool care process to help our customers achieve optimum lifetime and performance benefits from our tablet tooling.

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