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Our Suppliers of Packaging Equipment

Supplying packaging equipment into the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry

Packaging products


Liquid filling, blister packaging, cartoning and shrink wrapping

CAM Packaging supplies primary and secondary packaging lines for solid pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical liquids & powders, light bulbs, PC accessories, electrical and mechanical, paper products, powders & granulates, cosmetic-healthcare and food products.

Popular models in South Africa are:

LA Intermittent motion filling/capping monobloc

L60 monoblock liquid filling machines,

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AV Intermittent motion vertical cartoner for manual and automatic feeding

PMX 1-2 high speed intermittent motion cartoner

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nMX Automatic high speed blister packing machine with plate sealing

MC Automatic blister packing machine with plate sealing

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Tablet Counting Lines (turnkey)

Unscrambler And Aircleaner

UA120/UA-200 Bottle Unscrambler & Aircleaner
Bottles supplied to bulk hopper are fed to the cleaning station through bottle escalator and turn table. By means of hook and bumper, bottles are inverted, securely gripped by side belt conveyor while they are cleaned twice by filtered and ionized air and vacuum suction and discharged in an upright position on the conveyor.

UAN-120 Bottle Unscrambler & Aircleaner
Bottles supplied to bulk hopper are fed to the index conveyor through turn table and infeed conveyor. Index conveyor grips 6 bottles at a time and turns them upside down on to the cleaning station. Bottles are cleaned by individual nozzles that descend down into the bottle and blow ionized air with vacuum suction.

NAC-120 Air Cleaner
Index conveyor grips 6 bottles at a time and turns them upside down onto the cleaning station. The inverted bottles are then individually cleaned by a set of servo driven ionizing nozzles that dive inside the bottle

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Silica Gel Inserter

SG-12 Sachet type desiccant inserter –
Sachet type desiccants fed from the roll are detected by fiber optical electronic sensors as they are measured, cut and inserted into the container automatically.

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DMC 200 Eletronic Tablet/Capsule Counter
Fully automatic tablet/capsule counting and filling machine. Tablets/capsules loaded from the hopper are aligned on a continuously vibrating 3 step trays and fed to the infrared electronic counting sensors.

To view the DMC 200 and other counters

DMC 4 Table Top Tablet/Capsule Counter
Semi-Automatic tablet/capsule counter. Tablets/capsules loaded from the hopper are aligned on a continuously vibrating 3 step trays and fed to the infrared electronic counting sensors. The counter fills the bottle with 100 % accuracy.

To view the DMC 4 and other counters

Leaflet Outserter / Inserter

CO-120 Cotton Inserter
Cotton or synthetic coil is pulled apart into a preset length by feeding through a pair of stainless steel pinch rollers and cut by cutter. The cotton piece is then folded and inserted up into a tube, forming the inverted U. The tube moves over the bottle and the piece is inserted down into the bottle.
A stainless steel 6-tube turret and spring loaded rollers are designed to use any size or grade of cotton or synthetic coil, including rayon and polyester without adjustment at a high speed up to 120 bottles per minute.

To view the CO-120 and other inserters


RC-120/RC-200 (4 capping heads/8 capping heads)
Bottles are transferred from the conveyor by starwheel to the rotary turret assembly.
Bulk cap feed with on demand controls. Caps are sorted and fed by vibratory feeder. Cap release by bottle sensor. Cap pick-up by oscillating disc and transferred to capping head. The servo controlled rotary capping station has 4 capping heads or 8 capping heads on RC-200. Capping head descends and rotates to close the cap to a present amount of torque.

To view the RC-120/RC-200 and other cappers

Induction Sealer

IS-120 Induction Sealer
The IS-120 induction sealer uses a non-contact method of heating a metallic disk to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. The sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.
The containers simply pass under the electromagnetic field created by induction sealing head as they keep moving on the conveyor. An electromagnetic current in induced into the foil layer of the inner seal and heats it. The heated foil melts the wax layer, which is absorbed into the pulp board, releasing the foil from the pulp board.
The foil melts the polymer, bonding the foil over the containers mouth and creating a hermetic seal.

To view the IS-120 and other induction sealers


RT-120 Cap Retorquer
Designed to compensate the torque loss after induction sealing and to retighten caps before labeling. It is equipped with a pair of spindles that do both the retightening caps to the pre-set level of torque and the monitoring of the applied torque of each container.

To view the RT-120 and other retorquers

Turn Table

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Food and Confectionery Flow Wrapping

Packaging Solutions For Confectionery Products

From wrapping bubble-gums, candies, chewing gums, chocolate/bars, jellies, lollipops, marshmallows, nougats, toffees and truffles.

Packaging Solutions For Bakery Products

Wrapping for dry, plain, enrobed, filled and sandwich biscuits, cakes, crackers, noodles, rusks, rice cakes, tartelettes and wafers.

Packaging Solutions For Non-Food And Healthcare Products

Wrapping for cotton swabs, plasters, soap and tablet blisters cards.

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Labelling Machines

Premier Labellers

The latest labeling machine coming out of Premier Labellers is the WEL90

Premier WEL90

The all new Premier WEL90 labelling system has been designed and developed by Premier Labellers to provide a total solution for medium speed self-adhesive label applications for the meat and fish packaging industry and in particular the new range of vacuum skin pack style packs.

This new vacuum skin pack format is gaining popularity in the meat, poultry and fish sectors. The skin system of sealing offers high visibility vacuum packs on a pre-formed tray which greatly improves product shelf life.

The WEL is capable of producing up to 60 packs per minute in D-Wrap, E-Wrap, top label or virtual full wrap format without the need to rotate packs. Utilising existing narrow edge leading format label reels any shape of label can be printed and applied wide edge leading with speed and accuracy. Variable code positioning within a 107mm x 75mm window is now also possible with the WEL90 integrated thermal transfer printer option and can easily be linked to any fixed or average weight system. The WEL90 can also supplied with an optional promotional labelling head for price discounts and other promotions.

The enhanced control system incorporates a touchscreen user interface for operation of all machine functions from the PLC and control software. This allows a large number of variable product set-ups to be recalled from the database for quick automatic set-up and minimum downtime between product changeovers. All manual adjustments have clock counters ensuring repeatability of set-ups.

With no restrictive label contracts, the new WEL90 now offers the greater freedom, flexibility and control over your labelling operation.


Below are two of the more popular Premier Labellers machines sold in South Africa:

Premier 120

The Premier 120 miniwrap labelling machine has been designed to provide a cost effective solution to medium and high speed wraparound labelling applications.

Rigidly constructed from stainless steel and aluminium the P120 is supplied complete with integral 1.5m or 2m long conveyor making it ideal for those customers with space restrictions. The labelling machine is equipped with a non-contact product sensor and optional build back sensor for production line integration.
The user friendly adjustment on the labelling head ensure that the label is applied precisely onto the container. The twin nip rollers and stepper motor enable consistent and accurate label positioning at speed. Our Siemens enhanced control system incorporates a large touch screen user interface for set-up, operation and diagnostics. The unique, simple to operate software allows for quick change over of upto 500 different products and provides diagnostic data and clear fault conditions.

Premier 250

The Premier P250 is a fully automatic front/back and or wraparound labelling machine that is designed to handle a wide range of self-adhesive labelling applications with the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

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Deblistering Machines

Stripfoil Pharma

Stripfoil Pharma is a high speed, fully automated system providing a cost effective solution for the recovery of medium to large batches of medication from most types of blister packs. It is used and trusted by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies and blister packing centres worldwide.

Stripfoil Moto

The Stripfoil Moto is a semi-automatic, motorised deblisthering machine for the recovery of larger batches of medication from most types of blister packs, including diagonally placed product.

Stripfoil Mini

The Stripfoil Mini is a specialist manual deblistering machine providing a cost effective solution for the recover of small batches of medication from most types of blister packs.