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CSV Life Science

Facility Planning

Most of CSV’s projects start with a strategic activity carried out with the Steering Committee of our clients. The approach on a strategic design is based on data analysis, capacity definition and layout definition as preliminary steps in the process of developing a project.

The decision support system can be applied to new plants as well as revamping of pharmaceutical plants.


CSV Life Science offers conceptual engineering, basic and detail engineering services. At the same time our validation background enables our team to support every project phase taking cGMP problems into account.


CSV Life Science supports our customers in the construction phase, supplying plants with a Lump Sum Turn Key (LSTK) basis, and/or providing on site project management and construction supervision services.

During the construction phase, a construction manager would be present on site for the entire period of construction and is responsible for coordination of all field activities.


CSV’s validation background enables them to support every project phase taking cGMP issues into account. This capability is not only applied in design phases but also during construction and commissioning.

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