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Solid Dosage Process Expertise

Comparison of Granulation Methods
Making tablets from potent APIs
Containment in OSD Production
New trends in solid dosage forms production
Specialist applications

Continuous Processing

ConsiGma™ Tableting Lines
Continuous Processing Expertise
Continuous Processing test centre

Contained Materials Handling

IBC systems for materials handling
Process features & expertise
Buck® Containment valves
Disposable Containing System
Containment Expertise

Blending & Mixing

IBC blenders
IBC container blending expertise
Post hoist blenders
High shear mixers and blenders
Multi-functional PharmaConnect® blender

Small Scale R & D Equipment

Totally contained Granulation line for research
PharmaConnect™ designed for research
MP-MICRO™ fluid bed processor
Strea-1™ Classic fluid bed processor
STREA-1™ Pro-Fluid bed processor

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