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Handling of biscuits, base cakes or crackers often starts with an organised pattern coming from the oven/cooling conveyor. Houdijk engineers produce handling solutions to connect the oven with many different applications, including:

– Product pattern presentation to depositing/capping systems
– Stacked arrival and feeding into stencil creamer sandwiching machines
– Stacked arrival and feeding into volumetric slug length measuring loaders
– Stacked arrival and feeding into (flow) wrappers featuring pile/stack feeders

Capping and Depositing

In the HOUDIJK CAPPER™ two technologies meet: base cake handling & cream preparation and depositing. Houdijk offers a turnkey solution with market leading technologies. The HOUDIJK CAPPER™ is a state of the art system, in which the design is focused to maximize:

– Overall performance of efficiency
– Repeatability of all settings for product changeovers
– Operator friendliness
– Overall system safety
– High hygienic and sanitation standards
– Uncompromising food safety production standards

Count Feeding with Blending

The GRADOMATIC™ is a versatile Houdijk product row forming system for round regular shaped products. The GRADOMATIC™ is able to handle a random supply of product, blending the production as well as enabling count feeding. It handles large quantities of product per unit, while still handling the individual product extremely gently. The design is open and is easily accessible for operation, maintenance and clearing.

Count Feeding

The PICK & PLACE UNIT is a servo driven unit, picking up complete product row(s) and placing them in the destined location. Products are gently picked up by means of vacuum and placed in a tray.

Pick & Place Loading
Slug in Wrapper
Slug in tray
Dual lane slug in wrapper
Dual mode slug tray/wrapper
Piles/Stacks in tray
Piles/Stacks in wrapper
On edge product in cavity tray
Portion/Vending pile pack

Pile/Stack Feeding

The high speed SKIPPER™ unit is an unique and innovative Houdijk pile/stack loading system for plain products. The SKIPPER™ accepts without lane reduction/expansion the given number of product lanes coming from the oven. It separates extremely gently individual products from the vertical magazine by means of a servo driven horizontal indexing disc. The individual products are transferred in the destined pitches of the infeed chain of any make flow wrapping machine. Thus it composes the product pile/stack with set count.

Volumetric Loading

The CLIPPER™ volumetric slug loader (“length measuring feeder”) is a modern design solution for loading slugs of biscuits standing on edge. The CLIPPER™ is suitable for loading biscuits and crackers, with round, oval, square and rectangular shapes. In combination with the Houdijk handling system, it is a versatile solution for feeding products into the running flightbar infeed of any make X-fold- or flow wrapping machine.

CLIPPER™ Slug Loader
CLIPPER™ Dual Lane

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