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Quality Control For OSD


Quality Control Equipment for Oral Solid Dosage with Charles Ischi

Charles Ischi AG is the general distributor for the manufacturer Kraemer Elektronik GmbH (Germany) and maintains an international Sales & Service network for testing technology for the quality and in-process control of solid dosage forms within the pharmaceutical industry. The key strengths are high quality products and individual customer care.
Testing Technology by Kraemer & Ischi

Physical & Chemical Testing for Tablets & Capsules:
– Hardness
– Weight
– Thickness, Length/Diameter, Width
– Friability / Abrasion
– Disintegration
– Content Uniformity

– Laboratory Equipment
– In-Process Quality Control Systems in Production
– Online Tablet Press Applications
– Online PAT Solutions
– Isolator and Containment Applications
– Customized Solutions


HC6.2   –   The simple manual tablet hardness tester
HC6.2 WIP   –   Washable manual tablet hardness tester
H-Series   –   Advanced manual tablet hardness tester
P-Series   –   Semi-automatic tablet hardness tester
AE 1+2   –   Friability and abrasion tester
DISI-M   –   Semi-automatic disintegration tester
DISI-A Touch   –   Automatic disintegration tester with endpoint detection
DISI-A   –   Automatic disintegration tester with continuous disintegration process monitoring


CIW   –   Series Automatic weighing systems – weight – weight and thickness – weight and length for capsules
UTS4.1   –   Series Automatic tablet testing systems – stand-alone and online with tablet press
UTS-NIR   –   Automatic tablet testing system with NIR
UTS-Washable   –   Series Automatic tablet testing systems – easy to clean – full containment – up to OEB level 5

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Quality Control For OSD products