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Charles Ischi

Charles Ischi AG is the general distributor for the manufacturer Kraemer Elektronik GmbH (Germany) and maintains an international Sales & Service network for testing technology for the quality and in-process control of solid dosage forms within the pharmaceutical industry. The key strengths are high quality products and individual customer care.
Testing Technology by Kraemer & Ischi

Physical & Chemical Testing for Tablets & Capsules:
– Hardness
– Weight
– Thickness, Length/Diameter, Width
– Friability / Abrasion
– Disintegration
– Content Uniformity

– Laboratory Equipment
– In-Process Quality Control Systems in Production
– Online Tablet Press Applications
– Online PAT Solutions
– Isolator and Containment Applications
– Customized Solutions


HC6.2   –   The simple manual tablet hardness tester
HC6.2 WIP   –   Washable manual tablet hardness tester
H-Series   –   Advanced manual tablet hardness tester
P-Series   –   Semi-automatic tablet hardness tester
AE 1+2   –   Friability and abrasion tester
DISI-M   –   Semi-automatic disintegration tester
DISI-A Touch   –   Automatic disintegration tester with endpoint detection
DISI-A   –   Automatic disintegration tester with continuous disintegration process monitoring


CIW   –   Series Automatic weighing systems – weight – weight and thickness – weight and length for capsules
UTS4.1   –   Series Automatic tablet testing systems – stand-alone and online with tablet press
UTS-NIR   –   Automatic tablet testing system with NIR
UTS-Washable   –   Series Automatic tablet testing systems – easy to clean – full containment – up to OEB level 5

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