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Sieving And Filtration


Sieving and filtration products


Vibratory Sieves

Check screening equipment also known as safety screeners or quality control sieves, are used across many industries to safeguard the quality of powder or liquid products by removing oversize contamination. Designed for high-capacity screening, these machines increase productivity and minimize maintenance costs. Industrial screeners, including high specification food and pharmaceutical versions, are essential to ensure the consistency and quality of your product, so you can maintain your company’s standards. We offer a range of options to suit your screening requirements.

Ultrasonic Deblinding Systems

Russell Finex’s innovative ultrasonic sieve deblinding system has revolutionized the way difficult powders are screened on sieve meshes. It enables sieving on finer meshes (down to 20 microns) without any blocking or blinding of the aperture. It also increases throughput and reduces cleaning times.

Using an acoustically developed transducer, the ultrasonic system applies a high-frequency vibration to the sieve mesh. The frequency of the vibration breaks the surface tension, making the stainless-steel mesh effectively friction-free and preventing oversized and undersized particles from blinding or blocking the mesh screen. Our ultrasonic systems can be fitted to new and existing vibrating sieves and screeners.

Self-cleaning Filters

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is an efficient solution when it comes to industrial filtration. Used across a wide range of industries, its innovative design is suitable for many processing requirements, removing contamination from your liquid products. Moreover, the unique SpiroKlene™ cleaning system enables reliable filtration , while supporting filtration down to 15 microns. By eliminating the need to change filter bags or cartridges, the self-cleaning filter allows continuous operation without unnecessary stoppages to production.

Liquid Solid Separation

There are a wide range of applications where there is a need to remove solids from liquid slurries. At Russell Finex we have extensive experience in this area, so whether you are processing wash water, separating curds from whey or looking to manage your effluent streams, we offer a range of machines to meet your individual requirements. As well as conventional separators, the unique non-vibratory Russell Liquid Solid Separator is high capacity centrifugal separator with a small footprint able to process up to 100,000l/hr.

Grading Sieves

Russell Finex offers a range of industrial and sanitary sieving equipment to suit your requirements across a range of applications. Our grading sieves and separators, accurately separate your powders into size fractions. Understanding the importance of consistency and reliability, our equipment is engineered and built to the highest standards. In addition, we use only the best-quality mesh for improved screening efficiency and prolonged sieve life.

AM Powder Handling

This range of powder handling solutions is designed to recover, reuse, and recycle additive manufacturing powders and ensure that powder is qualified for use quickly and safely. Russell Finex has been working with the industry since its conception to ensure that the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station product range meets your company’s current and future needs.

All units are designed to ensure a controllable and repeatable process to promote optimum sieving efficiency, and minimal operator involvement, allowing operators to focus on value added tasks. From small, low maintenance batches of powders to full production scale, this is a fully flexible range which can be used for numerous powder handling tasks for every stage of the AM industry.