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Sieving and Filtration

Vibratory sieves and self-cleaning filter equipment provide an effective way of separating, classifying and filtering products. Screening and liquid filtration ensure product integrity for a vast amount of materials and applications whether it is wet or dry screening.

Vibratory sieves

Circular vibratory screener Russell Compact Sieve

Russell Finex’s range of innovative circular vibratory screeners are designed to remove oversize contamination or grade products where the particle size is 5 micron or higher. Their wide range of industrial grading sieves ensures that they can assist you to improve your product quality, whatever your application requirements.

Key benefits

View Russell Finex’s range of vibratory sieves:

Ultrasonic Deblinding Systems

Probe and control unit of the ultrasonic deblinding system Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System

The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System has been designed to eliminate the blocking and blinding of mesh often experienced when screening difficult powders. This innovative design allows separation down to 20 microns and can be retrofitted onto any new or existing vibratory sieve.

Key benefits

See how applying ultrasonics to different check-screeners and separators with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System effectively eliminates mesh blinding.

Self-Cleaning Filters

Cross section of the industrial self-cleaning Russell Eco Filter®

Russell Finex’s range of self-cleaning filters use a revolutionary self-cleaning system, which can improve your product quality with no downtime. The self-cleaning filters improve product quality by removing oversize contamination from 10 microns and above.

Key benefits

Read more about the  Russell Eco Filter® range of automatic self-cleaning filters

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