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Equipment for sieving and filtration in the chemical industry

Russell Finex

Chemicals are produced using varying processes such as mixing, dispersion, milling, grinding or reaction. After each process the chemical whether it is powder, granule, liquid, slurry or suspension is often sieved or filtered to ensure product quality or obtain different particle sizes. Undertaken before being moved onto the next stage of production Russell Finex has the ideal sieving or filtration equipment to carry out these tasks. Installing Russell Finex equipment will give you repeatable product quality which you can rely on. Fully enclosed options are also available, to provide complete product containment to protect both your operators and product.

Recommended machines for the chemical industry:

  • Finex Separator™
  • Russell Compact Sieve®
  • Vibrasonic® Deblinding System
  • Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®