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Equipment for processing and packaging of household goods

Russell Finex

The recycling of household plastics is now common practice and as a result uses for this recycled plastic is growing. Before rework takes place the plastic is normally ground down into particles which vary in size. To obtain the different sized particles the Finex Separatorâ„¢ can be used. Up to 5 different fractions can be achieved and each cut can be removed separately, so the desired particle size can easily be removed. The rubber suspension system of this grading separator offers improved benefits over spring-mounted separators. It operates at 1800 rpm, approximately 600 rpm faster than a spring-mounted separator. Furthermore, there is greater control over the vibration force transmitted to the mesh screen, which significantly improves separation accuracy and throughput rates.

Recommended screening equipment:

Premier Labellers

From simple applicators to high speed systems, Premier is able to offer a solution to almost every labelling application for household products.

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