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Equipment for processing and packaging of pharmaceutical goods

Russell Finex

Introducing vibratory sieving equipment in areas where contamination could enter the production process will ensure compliance to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Sieving equipment can be installed in areas where raw ingredients are removed from bags, where mixing or blending takes place and prior to packaging. Russell Finex offers a large range of check-screening machinery designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry. Russell equipment is designed to a hygienic standard and machines are quick and easy to strip down and dismantle for cleaning. Options include a mirror polished finish to a documented Ra 0.1 with all crevices removed.

Recommended machines for the pharmaceutical industry:

GEA Pharma Systems

Solid and liquid dosage process technologies
GEA Pharma Systems’ activities include partnering with customers to develop new products and enhance clinical effectiveness; the supply of R&D-scale and stand-alone production-scale equipment; and the installation of complete integrated process lines.

Solid Dosage Process expertise
– Granulation & Drying
– Tablet Compression
– Continuous Processing
– Contained Materials Handling
– Blending & Mixing
– Pelletizing

Liquid Dosage Process Expertise
– Pharma & Biotech expertise
– Fermentation
– Blood Plasma Fractionation
– Syrup & Suspensions
– Parenterals – injection / infusion solutions
– Highly Purified Media
– Cell Rupture

I Holland

I Holland have been providing technically advanced, high-end tabletting solutions for a long time and we are proud of our reputation. The same high quality steel and exacting standards are applied to every tabletting tool we manufacture. We produce punches and dies to fit any tablet press worldwide so if you produce tablets, we can supply the punches.

We focus all our experience and manufacturing know-how on precision engineering the very best tool for the tablet that is being produced. We don’t sell tabletting tools from stock, every single punch and die we manufacture is bespoke and 1600 units per day are carefully crafted within our factory to meet the specific requirements of the product that you are producing.

With I Holland shaped tablet tooling products, interchangeability comes as standard. Our machining techniques mean the position of the keyway relative to the punch tips is extremely accurate resulting in reduced tooling set-up and re-tooling times; even allowing for random loading of upper punches and spares.

CAM Packaging

Liquids, Powders and Tablets
Supplying equipment for blowing, filling, capping, cartoning, wrapping, case-packing and palletizing.


For the supply of individual equipment or complete turnkey projects, Countec can offer the following equipment, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, processing small to large quantities of tablets/capsules:

– Unscrambler
– Silica Gel Inserter
– Counter
– Inserter
– Capper
– Induction Sealer
– Retorquer
– Turn Table

Premier Labellers

From simple applicators to high speed systems, Premier is able to offer a solution to almost every labelling application for household products.

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CSV Life Science serves the pharmaceutical market with engineering and construction solutions as well as validation services for the Life Science sector, offering significant GxP expertise.
Including leading-edge solutions for the Secondary Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Device Manufacturers, Laboratories and API Companies, as well as the Fine Chemicals and Food Industries.

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A pioneer in advanced system concepts, we offer a wide range of solutions, from standard powder transfer systems to highly intricate integrated handling and processing equipment. These innovative systems not only boost productivity but also comply with the latest legal requirements, ensuring clients’ peace of mind.

In recent years, we have experienced significant growth through strategic acquisitions of specialized companies. Today, our company proudly presents our product lineup in five distinct divisions:

Powder Handling, Particle Sizing, Filling Solutions, Containment Solutions and Continuous Processing Technologies

With this comprehensive range of offerings, our vision to be able to provide true end-to-end solutions, starting from the raw material input all the way to the final dosage form has been successfully transformed into reality.