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Binacchi & Co

Binacchi was founded in 1969 and today is an undisputed world leader for its technical know-how, quality of construction and spirit of innovation. The Binacchi plants operate in more than 100 countries inside important multinationals as well as the most demanding soap makers. A growing company and the most dedicated and experienced technicians to solve your problems.

Many of the most important technical innovations belong to Binacchi: among them Flashstamping Presses, Roll Mills and Soap Infeed Systems to packaging machines, Energy Saving Soap Dryers and Continuous Saponifications. The patent list is the best proof of the impressive R&D work generated by Binacchi. The Binacchi machines are well built, solid and reliable and incorporate unbeatable experience with all the most modern soap, combo, syndet and translucent productions.

Binacchi & Co. specialises in supplying all machinery necessary for soap manufacturing lines, from raw material preparation plants to final packaging machines.

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