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CSV Life Science


Serving the pharmaceutical market with engineering and construction solutions.

CSV Life Science serves the pharmaceutical market with engineering and construction solutions, with many years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities, API, chemical, cosmetic and food. Our services are: Facility Planning, Engineering Design, Construction, Equipment & Plant Validation, Computer System Validation, Compliance.

Since 2009 CSV Life Science is the exclusive agent in Italy, Malta and South Africa for ILC Dover, a worldwide leading company in flexible containment technology: specific applications based on flexible technology, custom-designed and studied for containing high potent drugs (Safety), and/or creating classified (GMP) or humidity controlled areas surrounding exposed operations, especially in a contamination environment.

In April 2013 CSV Life Science started to re-define our group experience believing in innovation and changes: CSV Active is the newest company of the group, with a core business in intermediates and API trading.