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The difference between ‘sieving’ and ‘filtering’ when processing liquids

russell finex industrial filter
Russell Finex’s area of expertise don’t simply cover sieving of powders, but also stretches to a wide range of liquid applications. Russell Finex filter and sieve a vast array of fluids, including water, liquid chocolate, honey, chemicals, inks, paints, and even malt whisky.

However, when faced with a specific application Russell Finex engineers must decide on the best machine for the job – a Russell industrial filter or a Russell vibratory screener.

Benefits offered by Russell Finex industrial filters:

– Fully enclosed system
– Can operate under pressure – meaning increased throughputs
– Continuous cleaning of the screen
– Quieter in operation than a screening machine
– Robust screens

Benefits offered by Russell vibratory screeners:

russell compact sieve

– Open system, which is sometimes preferred for screen inspection
– Can handle large volumes of oversize material
– Low and high speed versions available depending on product viscosity
– Multi-screen separations can be achieved on one unit
– Screens can be re-meshed – cost effective

Both types of unit come in a range of sizes to suit your throughput requirements and can be stripped down without tools for ease of cleaning. Sometimes your specific application could be served equally well by both units, but in most cases your application needs will dictate that one type of unit may have the edge over the other.

That is where Russell Finex’s 80 years of experience in sieving and filtration comes into play. Put experienced engineers to the test who will help find the right machine for you. With specialized test and research facilities in the UK, US, Belgium and India, you are able to test material and equipment under controlled conditions to provide you complete peace of mind before purchase.

To quickly find the right machine for you, go to the Machine Selector on Russell Finex’s website.